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Title – Neevu Kare Madida Chandadararu, Producer – Sanath Kumar, Direction – Monish, Music – Mathew Manu, Cinematography – Srinivas G Ramanagara, Cast – Dilip Raj, Shilpa Manjunath, Santosh, Adarsh, Sharat, Aishwarya Rangarajan, Vinod Mahadev, Namratha Jacob, Anand, Yashoda, Rakshak and others.

From a debutant director Monish C, this has been an excellent presentation of 102 minutes interesting cinema. Monish has done a great hard work with writer of story, screenplay and dialogues Keshava Chandra. It is evident in this film. Producer Sanath Kumar has spent money on a film that deserves investments.

You take a bet in your mind that you will identify the culprit after a few minutes of the film on silver screen. You would definitely fail in identifying the culprit. In the film heroine Shilpa alias Kavya is killed in a road accident at Kaththatti cross where no network is possible. Whether it is a murder or accident – you brain starts working.

Such a careful and honest attempt has come from director Monish and he is well backed by his maternal uncle Dilip Raj doing the lead role in the film.

This is an accident investigating concept besides the missing friend of Kavya – Sahana and the cute girl of a disenchanted father.

Comes in Indrajith an investigative cop to takes control from the hands of local inspector who is dealing with the case. As the narration moves the needle of suspicion you would not get on the person you find before climax.

This film ‘Neevu Kare Madida Chandadararu’ is a taut thriller too. The film at the end pass bucks on those who travel on the roads with earphones and the ones who travel and use mobile phones.

Dilip Raj deserves an award for his performance in this film as a cop and lover. Santosh Reddy who looks like Kichcha Sudeep in some angles has given best performance with others like Aishwarya Rangarajan, Dilip Raj assistant Maka, heroine Shilpa Manjunath and others.

This is a film you cannot miss for social responsibility it has in contents. Mathew Manu one song Saddillade Kanuva Ninondu Shaayiri….is very melodious and his background score is also adequate. Cinematographer Srinivas has given best angles in his work.

Worth watching film.

Rating:3/5 ***

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