Posted date: 06 Sat, Apr 2019 12:49:27 PM

It is a decade of entry not only for Ragini Dwivedi but also for young and talented Rakesh Adiga. In 10 years from the days of Josh, Rakesh Adiga turned up as director with a cautious work. It was in April 2009 – Rakesh Adiga and Akshay ‘Josh’ was released. In the same April month but 2019 the film with Rakesh Adiga as director and Akshay as protagonist ‘Nigh Out’ is all set for release on 12th of April.

It is a realistic fiction with youthful subject. We have done workshop and tried to remain different. There are only three characters – Bharat, Akshay and Shruti Goradia. There are four songs and two action portions. The narration is via flash back and every character describe the identity through dialogues. There are four twists in the screenplay. It all happens in six hours. The travel in Auto in the night time is jam packed till the end mentioned Rakesh Adiga speaking on his much lovable subject.

Sameera Kulkarni has done songs for the situations and the film connects well and not told in normal style. He has used more electronic instruments for re-recording.

Bharat as Gopi is an opportunist in his role. Shruthi in her second film is a innocent town girl comes to city is very strict in her character. Chandan Vijay is also in a short role and a song.

Akshay playing major role is in comic role besides having raw shade. Ruthwik of a few big films has edited this film.

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