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Noted producer K Manju son Shreyas as debutant hero in `Paddehuli` for producer Ramesh Reddy invited all those who were close to Dr Vishnuvardhana for one song release at Kalavidara Bhavan on Saturday afternoon.

The reason behind inviting Dr Vishnu closets is because the film `Padde Huli` in Guru Deshpande direction is inspired from the life story of Dr Vishnuvardhana.

It was also a day of fans of Dr Vishnuvardhana and another song on Vishnu Dada was also quite interesting.

Vetera Dwarakish, Shivaramanna, Naganna, Rehaman, Ravi Srivatsa, Dr V Nagendra Prasad, K Kalyan, music director Ajanish Lokanath, Vikaputra Srinivas plus Raghu Mukerjee, Nishwika, producer Ramesh Gowda and others offers flowers petals to the portrait of Dr Vishnuvardhana after lighting the lamp.

Dwarakish remembered his best friend Dr Vishnuvardhana and how he haunts him even to this day. There is no day I have not thought about Dr Vishnu. He even comes in my dream stated Dwarakish.

Veteran and humble to the core Shivaramanna said he had seen Agamana and Nirgamana of Dr Vishnu. The heroes of today should follow his footsteps. A teacher gives education to so many students in which each one declares his goal of becoming so and so. A teacher cannot become all. I was like that in my life. It is only Dr Rajakumar celebrated 100th film as `Utsav`, I told my dear friends Vishnu and Ambi both kept it away. Today we have heroes with one or two films raise their collar. Shivaramanna also compared his position as character artist to Uppinakayi. That is a must for vegetarian and non vegetarian. We should know that we all go away but `Chitra Ranga` remains even after we go he pointed.

The song shot in Chitradurga fort ‘Nanu Hosaba…penned by Dr V Nagendra Prasad is going in you tube on Monday evening.

Ravi Srivatsa urged the KFCC that top films of Dr Vishnuvardhana should not be given as titles for newcomers.

Padde Huli director Guru Deshpande said this is a musical film with action and drama. Ajanish Lokanath composed ten songs for this film.

Producer K Manju recovering from ill health disclosed that it was Mani who is responsible for taking me to Dr Vishnuji. He looked after me like his brother. I wanted `Sampath Kumar` as title but it got changed. This is Rs.10 crore budget cinema. For each song we have spent over Rs.60 lakhs. K Manju thanked crazy star V Ravichandran for accepting to do father role to his son Shreyas.

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