Posted date: 30 Fri, Aug 2019 08:46:25 AM

In the typical funny and double meaning dialogue filled trailer of ‘Parimala Lodge’ Room No.231, the formal release of the trailer was made by challenging star Darshan at Kalavidara Bhavan on Wednesday evening.

Vijayaprasad of ‘Sidlingu, Neer Dose, Totapuri…Tottu Kilbeku and now in ‘Parimala Lodge’ is coming with rare subject and full of fun elements.

The trailer of Vijayaprasad of Parimala Lodge released on the occasion of producer of Skanda Entertainment Prasanna birthday was thoroughly enjoyed by the guests. The dialogues are straight and hitting on the face. It seems the trailer was not censored before this screening.

Releasing the trailer challenging star Darshan said it is so unfortunate that actor Satish Ninasam and Yogish (loose Madha) are called ‘Salinga Kamigalu’. There are people in the industry who tell straight, lace with comedy and entertainment. Vijayaprasad films are straight on the face with laughter. He keeps certain elements and does films said Darshan.

Darshan turning on his friend Yogish said he is like ‘Tooth Pick’ in size. He has capacity to settle for different kinds of role said Darshan and wished Satish Ninasam his junior in Ninasam institute.

Vijayaprasad has packed good substance in this film. There are different emotions in the film. Every lodge has story. It is looked at different perspective. I have some more to write. On his Totapuri…he said four songs have to be completed. For Dasara trailer will be released in social media.

Ninasam Satish a popular actor today said wherever Darshan is there it is like ‘Deepavali’. Looking at his statement going to gym is for livelihood, I was bowled over. When such a super star is telling like that what about actors like me he stated in his address.

Yogish thanking D Boss said he is doing second film with director Vijayaprasad. Veteran actor Dattanna said he surrender to director who has clarity in his mind. Hema Dath returns to acting after seven years is in lead role, she wants to just do copy and paste what director tells.

Anoop Seelin agreed with Dattanna statement that he would surrender to director for a good product.

What is the trailer all about – in front of inspector Dattanna Ninasam Satish, Suman Ranganath, Yogish, Bullet Prakash and Hema Dath come to give a complaint! Each one has his own complaint. All are filled with double meaning that would raise eyebrows of the censor board.

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