Posted date: 31 Fri, Jul 2020 11:28:29 AM

The most disgusting ‘Piracy’ has not stopped even with the intervention of OTT platforms. The recent Kannada film of PRK banner ‘French Biryani’ was available in FaceBook. The culprits doing such malpractices are scot free in this society.

According to one estimate the online piracy in the last fifteen days is 62 percent and the biggest drawback has happened from ‘Telegram’ and ‘Helo’ says Anti Piracy chamber head in Hyderabad Rajakumar Akella.

With the cinema halls shut because of Pandemic Corona and people are dividing their time between TV, video streaming, and pirated content – 40 percent are pirated contents.

Telegram has bolstered piracy for its users and amassed patronage from journalists, public officials, new media and government agencies. It is giving its peers a tough competition introducing new features every other year which enabled it to grow its user base exponentially.  Telegrams channels remain flooded with movies and original web series from Netflix, Tubi, and Amazon Prime. Apart from audiovisual content, channel admins continuously upload e paper files, music albums, books, magazines, computer games etc. The app has a feature ‘Global Search’ that enables users to reach all of its channels and groups like Googld search.

Telegram channels are fulfilling the burgeoning demands for contents in the post Torentz era, if not regulated with utmost priority, it will soon swell to all a full fledged piracy hub.

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