Posted date: 09 Thu, Jan 2020 11:15:49 AM

In the year 2018 there was a film in Kannada ‘Prema Yudda’ – three decades ago there was a film in Kannada of the same title. Now to get the market entry in Telugu – this Kannada film team is making it ‘Premam Yuddam’.

Music composer Karthik Venkatesh was in arguing mood with the media when the title was inquired. When big stars keep such titles you don’t question was his reply and that obviously irked everyone.

Karthik Venkatesh an intelligent in the field of cinema deviated the topic but had to succumb saying sorry as the posters displayed were also in English instead of Kannada. There are four songs from Karthik Venkatesh in which one of the songs is inspire from Rangi Taranga song.

Sparsha Rekha was present to bless the team of ‘PY’. Director Sri Manju disclosed that it is a complete Kannada film with entertainment package and no mobile in the film was used. For this four fights and four songs director Sri Manju shot in three schedules. Is it not possible to express love from eyes is his look out in this film. He has given village backdrop for this film.

Gurumurthy from Mandya explained that the story evolved when he was in one of the locations in Mandya district near a temple. He hails from travel business and eight months is the process of his first film.

Siri Music released the 14th album in Kannada. Pallavi from small screen is lead heroine.

Anil a software guy is in the role of Shivu with village backdrop to his role.

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