Posted date: 16 Sat, May 2020 03:54:50 PM

Here is a big development from ‘Dodmane Hudga’ that has given room for discussions and debates. That is ‘PRK’ proprietor Power star Puneeth Rajakumar releasing two of his films ‘French Biryani’ and ‘Law’ directly in OTT platform Over The Top (OTT) platform is a media streaming platform that directly delivers media content over the Internet. instead of coming to theatres.

In the given condition of Corona 19 virus the assessment of PRK banner is right. The theatres are closed down but like how elders have told ‘Show Must Go On’ – the films have alternative possibility to come before the audience. That is also because of the ‘Economics’ of the films are covered.

With right thinking and better price for the films Power star Puneeth Rajakumar is all set to show his films in small screen via OTT platform instead of theatrical release.

This would lead to some discussions and what happens to the exhibitor sector that has given good revenue for previous two films of PRK Banner – Kavalu Daari and Mayabazaar 2016.

Obviously the theatre sector will be unhappy with this move. But in Kannada already ‘Bhinna’ of Adarsh Ishwarappa had its release in Zee 5 that showed the film to over 190 countries from 8th of October 2019 onwards.

More and more such releases of big stakes films would result to a widespread discussion. Off late within one month the new films were hitting in OTT. Now if the films are premiere – there is no other festival for film fans than this one.

PRK Banner ‘Law’ is on 26th June it is world premiere at Amazon Prime. Prajwal Devaraj wife Ragini is in lead role of this film. Raghu Samarth is director, Siri Prahallad, Mukyamantri Chandru are other two prominent actors.

On July 24th is ‘French Biryani’ another PRK banner film releasing worldwide on Amazon Prime. A film in the direction of Pannagabharana, French Biryani stars Danish Sait, Sal Yusuf and others has script from Avinash Balekal.

Now the question is that film released in OTT platform are eligible for State awards and national awards to compete.

According to one source, Art and off beat films do not have the theatrical release. It releases in festivals and take an entry to the awards at state and national levels. So why not OTT platform films for consideration for the awards is a pertinent argument.

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