PUNEETH TURNED 35 - Exclusive
Posted date: 17/March/2010

It was happy birthday celebrations time for power star Puneeth Rajakumar the No.1 hero of Kannada cinema and the No 1 comedy star cum politician Jaggesh on 17th of March – the day just after the Ugadi day.

The day after Ugadi celebration of ‘Vikruthi’ Samvasthara beginning ‘Varsha Thodaku’ very prominent day happened to be a big event for both the stars of Kannada cinema.

The power star Puneeth Rajakumar straight came to the Samadhi of his father Dr Rajakumar at Kanteerava Studios and offered prayers and moved to his new house in RT Nagar behind the CBI office. As the Sadashivanagar residence of Puneeth Rajakumar is under construction the fans traced the new house of the superstar was notable point.

The massive attendance of fans was very well greeted by Puneeth Rajakumar outside his new residence. www.chitratara.commade a special cake on this occasion. The editor of the popular portal R Manohar and his close friend Madhu joined power star Puneeth Rajakumar at the residence and offered the cake. Puneeth Rajakumar was surprised with the website logo shape of the cake and he happily took part in the memorable event for www.chitratara.com

Later a huge cake brought by the fans was cut by Puneeth Rajakumar and the real surprise the young father Puneeth Rajakumar received was from his two little daughters 7 years Druthi and 3 years Vanditha. They painted a happy birthday card to ‘Pappa’ and handed it over in a few minutes time. Puneeth Rajakumar accepted this greeting card made by his children with great respect and love.

At the residence of Puneeth Rajakumar his mother Smt Parvathamma Rajakumar, Raghavendra Rajakumar, Puneeth wife Ashwini other family members, producers Soorappa Babu of ‘Prithvi’ Jayanna joined the celebration. Hundreds of phone calls Puneeth Rajakumar started receiving from early in the morning. One among it was from his elder brother hat trick hero Shivarajakumar who was abroad shooting for his film.

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