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Posted date: 03 Fri, May 2013 02:26:56 PM
The lovely looking Ragini was looking extremely grand on Thursday with ornaments surrounded. She appeared for a song for her film ‘Ragini IPS’ – the final day of shooting.

Speaking to this correspondent Ragini mentioned that she has liked the script narrated by HP Ravindra of ‘Mathe Banni Pritsona’. It will be her next film. She has not signed any Malayalam film after two films. In the queue is Tamil and Kannada, Kannada and Malayalam bilingual films.

Ragini the much sought after actress of Kannada cinema in a span of three years from ‘Holi’ urge for not calling any song done by heroines as ‘Item Song’. The term itself is wrong. We do the songs only because of friendship and also because we are invited. It is a part of the job. It is not a cabaret song that is done by only such identified persons she says.

Why not to campaigning for any political party? I am not interested in political parties. I was offered money by all major parties to join. I have rejected such offers says Ragini.

Another very happy news from Ragini is that ‘Ragini IPS’ is releasing on her birthday May 24 – it is such a coincidence that it falls on Friday.

For an actress who is just three years in this industry a film launch on the birthday that too with a title of her name and the film releasing on the birthday is a great fortune says Ragini. The special song she has done in ‘Victory’ is because of the friendship with Nandakishore. ‘Victory’ film producer also wants to release the CD of the film on my birthday says Ragini.

Such love and affection Ragini earned in the industry is a sign of good growth. Ragini looking at Kaviraj lyricist of Kannada cinema inquired why he has not written for her film. Knowing that he was busy in ‘Bul Bul’ Ragini immediately said Ambarish uncle and D looks so good in the film. I have liked the dance photographs of Ambarish in the film ‘Bul Bul’ Ragini disclosed.

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