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Duration – 135 minutes 21 seconds, Category – Sacrifice Saga, Scoring – 3.5/5


Title –RAJEEVA, Producers – GM Ramesh and Kiran K, Direction – Flying King Manju, Music – Rohit Sover, Cinematography – Anand Ilayaraja, Cast – Mayur Patel (double role), Akshata Sridhar Shastri, Niharika, Shaker Ashwath, Madan Patel, Vardhana, Basavaraj and others.


‘Yee Rajiva Mannige, Rajiva Jeevana Raitharige’ – the curtains down in the theatre for the latest ‘Bangarada Manushya’ of 2020.


Like how the classic ‘Bangarada Manushya’ concluded with Rajivappa leaving all and walking away – the present day Rajivappa leaves his village and he moves to another village to resurrect. What a lovely thought of Flying King Manju. This Rajivappa is transferable. He lands in the village that is tucked with farmers’ problems.


The above is the climax narration of the film ‘Rajeeva’ – then what is there in this ‘Rajeeva’ Kannada film.


Like the father Bheemappa, this young Rajeeva (both Mayur Patel) sacrifice his life for the people, villagers and farmers. Studying IAS gives up for the betterment of his village and farmers. He access the route cause problem – water issue of farmers. He arranges for four ponds so that it could meet all farmers cultivation. The meaning given to IAS is not Indian Administrative Service – it is Indian Agriculture Service.


In the home Rajeeva has three brothers – he makes one MLA, a cop and a bureaucrat. Rajeeva sacrifices his life for brothers at home and then for the people.


Like how the original film Bangarada Manushya had villains in brothers, in this film also Rajeeva finds his three brothers in wrong route. That Rajeeva wife in Bangarada Manushya fell to open well and dies, this Rajeeva of 2020 wife Kasthuri (Akshata Sridhar Shastry) is killed that too in happy moment of the film.


When all points mistake in Rajeeva, he walks out of his village. When the villagers and brothers find him after sometime he disagrees to return to the village.


It is life time best performance from Mayur Patel. He has worked very hard for the role. His smile has some specialty. Akshata Sridhar Shastry as counterpart has a wafer thin role. Ramaiah as old farmer has done over acting, three brothers are tolerable. It is Shanker Ashwath who steals the show in the senior actors list. Niharika another supporting artist gets good attention for variety in the role.


Nayana….song and the one sung by Vasishta N Simha are very good from music composer Rohit Sover.


Cinematography is quite convincing. This is a pleasant watch for villagers and city bred people. The concern shown on farmers is a good timing from director Flying King Manju and producers.

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