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Raju Thalikote the winner of millions of hearts from his comedy and dialogues in over 25 Kannada films is not claiming for awards on marital paradise – his first wife Prema is pregnant in the house and his second wife also Prema’ son is also expecting a child. Hendathi and Sose – both at the delivery time in the house.

Sirrru…it is first my daughter in law who delivers 15 days earlier to my wife ….Raju Thalikote after tying the ‘Thali’ to two wives at the age of 17 and 21 is leading a happy life with four children already in the house. His both the wives are ‘Prema’ – they live together and share the husband equally. There is no confusion with the names. He calls Dodda Prema and Sanna Prema – they come running. Raju Thalikote married Dodda Prema when she was nine years and he was 17. As first Prema did not reach puberty for a few years Raju could not wait and he went and married his ‘Attige Thangi’ (elder brother wife sister). That is Sanna Prema and she delivered the child first. That is his first son now running his theatre empire in Northern Karnataka and expecting a child soon.

It is not just because of this Raju Thalikote is urging for Karnataka Rajyotsava Prashasthi but because of his ‘Kaliyuga Kuduka’ that has completed staging 10000 times in nook and corner of Karnataka. This play was staged in Andhra Pradesh, Goa and Maharashtr and maximum in northern Karnataka.

Raju born to Muslim parents Mahaboobi and Maktum Saab could not go to school after fourth standard. His mother Mahaboobi a school teacher died and he was brought at Kasthakeshwara Math for care. He grew up in the math serving but at the age of seven he played child roles on stage. Lohitashva, Bala Parashurama etc.

In the last 38 years Raju Thalikote (Thalikote is his taluk) is a household name in Northern Karnataka because of ‘Kaliyuga Kuduka’ play that was first staged in 1996. In middle of 2000 the play was in the visuals with Satya Hegde camera work.

I was paid Rs.16000 for that stage play but the audio houses minted crores of rupees remembers Raju Thalikote. Now it belongs to T series. Hendathi Andre Hendthi of director Anand P Raju was his debut in cinema in 1998. Punjabi House was his second film. After Manasaare this actor got series of offers and per day he charges Rs.25000 now. Pancharangi, Jackie, Oscar, Appu Pappu, Rajadhani etc gave him a good position.

For satisfaction I have stage play, for money I am in the cinema and my Santosha is that I have made 14 acres of land in Bagalkot (dry land) from my earnings says Raju Thalikote. I grow cotton; now with bore well put sugarcane and a few other crops.

Raju Thalikote met with an accident a few months back and was bedridden for one month. He lost 11 kilograms of weight and now back with the same fire.

I want Kannada Rajyotsava Prashasti urges Raju Thalikote who is up to take hold of Gubbi Veeranna Rangamandira in Majestic Locality. It was for six years with Chindodi Leela, last three years it is with Malathi Sudhir. I had paid advance of Rs.10000 in 2002 to stage my plays. It is not yet come to my custody where as the rule book says it should be given for one year contract.

Now Gubbi Veeranna Rangamandira is with Rs.1 lakh per annum but the political influence of Malathi Sudhir is not vacating for others Raju Thalikote charges. I am snatched the opportunity to stage play for the Bangaloreans he explains.

Thalikote wants to build up a theatre on the lines of Ninasam and Rangayana in his birthplace on a few acres. In this place he wants to train up actors for stage and cinema.

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