Posted date: 11 Mon, Jun 2018 03:40:04 PM

For the Laddo Cinemas of actor cum producer Sharan and Atlanta Nagendra of D Associates – it is Laddoo time for the Rambo 2. The first Rambo also gave ‘Laddoo’ moments for the team.

Rambo 2 is unanimous hit for the time being. It is at the 25th day of screening. It is real Chutu Chutu time in box office.

This is a film made a few technicians without remuneration because of friendship with Sharan. The film has paid good results in the box office.

Sharan, Atlanta Nagendra, Tarun Sudhir Kishor, Chikkanna, Arjun Janya were in the production team of this film.

Ashika Ranganath is female lead of this film. Ravishanker has a different emotional track in this film.


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