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The screen No.1 Ramya recently faced the ‘Swayamvara’. It is not in real life but in professional life.

In ‘Katari Veera Sura Sundarangi’ she holds the garland and comes for the bride to put the garland. Accidentally the garland comes to the neck of Upendra – Katariveera who is standing next. As a result Surasundarangi comes to earth with Katariveera. The tradition saying whoever gets the garland is the husband is followed in the film ‘KVSS’

This is Indraloka set Ramya explained with lot of excitement. In 90 lakhs of rupees this set has been set up and every bit of it is very glorious. Every time Ramya comes up with costumes for this 3D effect cinema by Suresh Krissna for producer Munirathna Naidu she is compared to Meenakshi Seshadri, Sridevi, Rekha and other bollywood actresses.

One of the biggest moments for Ramya was facing camera with Ambarish uncle. Ambarish coming in Yama with wonderful costumes and the stunning voice he has made Ramya spellbound. The immense memory power Ambarish uncle has made Ramya to forget her lines of dialogues. Ramya takes the dialogue sheet a day earlier for ‘KVSS’ and mug it and come before the camera.

Look at my photos Ramya showed her mobile phone and photographs looked really gorgeous. Recently on the sets of KVSS Dr Jayaprada came and appreciated the looks and costumes of Ramya.

For the 3d shot portions a few reels are ready and Ramya watched the 3D effect shot scenes at Rockline Studio recently. The projection and effect was marvelous and it would be a very big treat for audience she is very sure of it.

The screen Swayamvara is over but what about real life Swayamvara? There is still time I am working in films you know. Let me do some more films she pointed. My mother recently was in Europe trip and I was so happy for a long trip she had stated Ramya in a standing interview with a few journalists around her.

Meanwhile Raphel is starting his Indian branch for which my father is helping him. He has branches in USA, Switzerland, Geneva and other places of Europe and setting up the branch in India I am assisting him disclosed Ramya.

Ramya was happy for the recognition her role has got in ‘Sidlingu’. Don’t I look good and the sequences are good she inquired. For the climax falling down to a bullet she had discussions with Vijayaprasad. Finally Vijayaprasad is the director and I agreed to his decision. In another song of Achchu Mechchu….for Yogish I was asked to appear for the song. I said it is not right. The strength of the Mangala role would fall down.

Ramya wants to wait for some more time as for as marriage is concerned. She is very excited about the biggest film of her career KVSS.

Back in Tamil Ramya alias Divya Spandana has signed ‘Vada Chennai’ in the direction of Vetri Maran who made Polladhavan. Divya Spandana is teamed with Simbu and Rana Raghupathi for the production of Dayanidhi Alagiri.

Ramya the luckiest heroine for many producers is expecting good results for her ‘Lucky’ Kannada cinema. The audio release is taking place in a few days she mentioned.

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