Posted date: 05 Thu, Sep 2019 08:37:12 PM

Profound film maker Dayal Padmanabhan in going very bright in his second innings! For ‘Ranganayaki Part I Virginity’ one minute and 44 seconds trailer the event was like reading ‘Puta 109’ book – so lengthy and protracted.

It was in fact 90 minutes program for trailer release in the presence of Thara and Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar. Dayal Padmanabhan had written the novel for this film and then adapted it on silver screen. What would have been the situation in case Nirbhaya case victim lived in this society is the imagination thought of director Dayal Padmanabhan. The imagination of his thought is brought on silver screen by actress Aditi Prabhudeva as ‘Ranga Nayaki’.

Produced by SV Narayan who made ATM Kannada film stars Srini MG and Trivikram in prominent roles, Rakesh camera man, Sunder, Archana Jois, Jai Karnataka Jagadish,  Chandrachud, Sri of Crazy Minds, Avinash Shetty and others were present at the trailer launch.

Aditi Prabhudev as protagonist facing ordeals says she has learnt lot of things working for this film. holding emotions and performing taught me the real trauma faced by the victims she pointed.

A shrewd film maker Dayal Padmanabhan  has extended invitation for Ranganayaki Part II to noted national award winning actress Thara. It will be an emotional killing one and Thara madam is right choice announced Dayal. The film with Sunil as editor, Manikanth Khadri as music composer for three songs has shaped up well. The songs Krishna Nee…and Seetha Kalyana Vaibhogam….are used in this film with four additional lines says Dayal. The first half is just good and second half is amazing in contents stated very satisfied director Dayal Padmanabhan.

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