Posted date: 8/July/2010

Have you ever heard of 79 scenes in the first half and 52 scenes in the second half that too in two hours and three minutes duration of a cinema? You would find this target reached in ‘Deadly-2’ directed by Ravi Srivatsa for producers Majunath and Murthy. Sushma is the assistant director in this film.

The film ‘Deadly-2’ first sequel in the underworld according to protagonist Aditya is captured in one lakh plus feet of film and in the editing room it was brought to 131 scenes that has 5300 shots in the film.

Perhaps this 131 scene in a film is a record in South India and in Hindi film ‘Mission Istanbul’ 148 scenes is the record so far says Ravi Srivatsa.

This film ‘Deadly-2’ has a strong message to the police department and system says Ravi Srivatsa. Aditya is equally happy like director that the film has shaped up well. There is no chance for drag in the film.

Another interesting point Ravi Srivatsa made is that to give a sharp and quick look to the movie he has removed the four songs prepared for the film. Only Bhajan in the prison is kept. The loss of three songs comes to Rs.8 lakhs. There is already nine songs in the bank of our production. We would use these songs in our future film productions said Manjunath.

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