Posted date: 09 Wed, Oct 2019 12:53:57 PM

Very rarely this kind of human interest, social media errors are focused for the betterment of the society. The Kalavidaa Film Academy heade by Yethiraj, Aravind Rao, Sudheendra Venkatesh, Bhasker and Chandrasekhar (senior journalist of Kolara Vani) come up with a thought provoking subject ‘RTO – that is Right to Oppose. This is based on a real life incident of RTO inspector a humble and simple personality who was caught in the mishap of social media even after his death. RTO was screened at Renukamba Digital Theatre on Saturday evening.

An RTO with great heart Manjunath while traveling in a car hits at an Auto. That is because he developed serious illness and his sugar level was very low. The onlookers mistook it as he is drunk and for his Khaki Uniform he was mistaken as a cop. The general public yelled at him and a doctor coming on the scene understands the situation and explains the wrong minds in the public place that it is because of ill health he has fallen and he is not drunk.

In real life RTO inspector Manjunath succumbed to death after reaching hospital but the trauma he faced on the streets was most killing weapon for him.

Writing story, screenplay, dialogue, directing it and besides acting in the role of RTO Manjunath – Yethiraj has done a tremendous job in this 8 minutes short film that deserves national accolades.

The students of Kalaavidha Film Academy have also taken part in this short film as actors and technicians.

With such sad news around the team of ‘RTO’ invited wife of real life Manjunath wife Smt Shyla. Thanking for brining such an awareness Smt Shyla Manjunath said let two criminals go scot free but one innocent should not be punished like that. She has a doctor studying daughter and a PUC studying daughter at home and her husband succumbed to death with an additional set back from the social media. Please do not do such mistake she urged for others at her address.

Shivanand of an Art School where Manjunath contributed a few lakhs when he was living explained the good nature of a simple and humble Manjunath. Another interesting factor of Manjunath passing RTO DL license to individual was demanding planting of two saplings in support of environment.

The students of Kalaavidha Film Academy expressed happiness on being part of this film.

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