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Duration – 128.18, Category – action drama, Rating – 4/5


Title – RUSTHUM, Producers – Jayanna and Bhogendra, Direction – Dr K Ravi Verma, Music – Anoop Seelin, Cinematography – Mahen Simha, Cast – Dr Shivarajakumar, Vivek Oberoi, Shradda Srinath, Rachita Ram, Mayoori, Baby Nyla, Harish Uththaman, Mahendra, Shatru, Sidlingu Sridhar, Dhanraj, Padmaja Rao, Manjunath Hegde, Ganesh Yadav, Arjun Gowda, Shivaraj KR Pete, Pawan, Giri and others.


A fantastic action feast mixed with sentiment is the debut of stunt director turned director Dr K Ravi Verma in ‘Rusthum’. Ravi Verma knows well the calculations of the box office. He has mixed it up well with sentiment and exhilarating stunts. Writing screenplay and directing cinema of course directing stunts Dr Ravi Verma has left a very strong opinion that he is in the race of commercial directors.


The first half is silent and at the interval point ‘Rusthum’ becomes violent and the reason is very strong to this situation. On a few occasions director Ravi Verma checks the calculations of the audience. To know what it is, you can easily buy ticket to watch this film ‘Rusthum’.


Karnataka Home Minister Vishwaprasad (Mahendran) is connected to the racket of child lifting and removing kidney, eyes etc to send it abroad. It is not kidnapping of children from Karnataka but all over the country children are lifted for pitiable condition.


To know what it is, we have to go back to flashback in Bihar and Patna. Two friends – Bharat DCP and Abhishek ACP are quite different when hard core criminals are traced. Bharat wants to give one chance, Abhishek believes that ‘Arrest is Allergy but Encounter is Energy’. So finding criminals he shoots them. He is 100 plus in gunning down criminals.


The fit of anger in a case disturb the minds of Bharat and Abhishek. Bharat suspends Abhishek from department. Very soon Bharat realizes that his best friend is correct. The reason for this is a gory incident of child lifting, removing kidney, eyes by cruel people that have connection of Karnataka Home Minister Durgaprasad (Mehendran).


So the cruel gang put down Bharat and his wife and that enrages Abhishek.  Abhishek shift from Patna to Bengaluru via New Delhi permission. What he severe action he takes is that you have to watch it on silver screen.


Shivarajakumar is delectable again. In action and reaction he is ‘Ustaad’. He has danced well with Shradda Srinath in the song Police Baby….song. Mind blowing action from Dr Ravi Verma is also very sound for the role of Dr Shivarajakumar.


Vivek Oberoi coming to Kannada for the first is superb. He looks very serene. Shradda Srinath and Racihta Ram have nothing much. Mayoori takes the cake of acting; the child actor Baby Nyla is tremendous. Sidlingu Sridhar, Padmaja Rao and Manjunath Hegde are impressive. Shivaraj KR Pete has a little chance to exhibit talent.


Anoop Seelin has one sorrow song that comes at right time, the image building for the hero song comes at different time, and the Police Baby….song is superb.


Mahen Simha is right on the spot with many special moments to the eyes. He is a class cinematographer. Editing of this film is also quick and speed is very good. Dialogues are well written for the occasions.


This is a stunner from Dr Ravi Verma in his debut as director. Yehi Hai Right choice from noted producers Jayanna and Bhogendra for commercial format of films!

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