Ramachari 2.0 A Good Attempt Different Movie - 3/5 ***
Posted date: 07 Fri, Apr 2023 10:14:58 PM
Movie: Ramachari 2.0 (Kannada)

Director: Thej

Cast: Thej, Raghavendra Rajkumar, Chandana Raghavendra, Vijay Chendur, Sparsha Rekha, Sandeep Malani.

Duration:  127 minutes

Certification: UA

The movie Ramachari 2.0 is a different movie among the movies released so far this year. The movie Ramachari 2.0 is about Ramachari (Thej) who comes to Bengaluru from Mandya for a livelihood. After trying for a suitable job, Ramachari ends up working at a bakery along with Vijay (Vijay Chendur). They stay in a rented house owned by a philanthropist woman (Sparsha Rekha). Ramachari steals jewellery from the owner`s house. What happens to Ramachari is the climax.

Thej has tried his best to do justice for his role. Sparsha Rekha has provided good support. Raghavendra Rajkumar played father of Thej in the movie His dialogues are meaningful and thought provoking. Vijay Chendur has provided good support.

It is worth watching for those who want to see different movies.
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