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There is a famous song sung by Dr C Ashwath…Samsaradalli Rajakiya….there is another an every green song of Dr Rajakumar film ‘Namma Samsara’…Namma Samsara Ananda Sagara…..

Now veteran of 85 films Om Saiprakash is making a film called ‘Samsaradalli Golmal’. What golmal one can do because ‘Samsara’ belongs to him is the question that crops up.

But the contents are different in this ‘Samsaradalli Golmal’ – the essence is woman want holiday on Sunday. This is what the original Telugu film of Dr Dasari Narayana Rao written and produced film ‘Aadivaram Adavallaku Selavu Kavali’ also refers to.

The Telugu film released in 2007 directed by Raja Vannem Reddy starring Sivaji, Suhasini, Brahmanandam, Prakash Raj and others is ‘Samsaradalli Golmal’ in Kannada.

Director Saiprakash is shifting back to comedy of his olden days of ‘Golmal’ series with Ananthnag. He is not having Ananthnag in the cast. There are five pairs in this Kannada version. Umasri-Raju Thalikote, Mohan – Anu Prabhakar, Sihikahi Chandru- Thara, Tabla Nani – Lakshmi, Sadhu Kokila-Nayana Krishna are paired in this film. All the artists have equal share to emote in the film says Saiprakash who has started the film at Global Village Apartment near Rajarajeshwari Nagara.

Prabhakara Reddy who made ‘3ne Class Manja Bhagya’ is producing this quickie.

The film will be shot in two schedules of 35 days. Sihikahi Chandru is back in Saiprakash film. Mohan is acting again with Anu Prabhakar after Yaarge Saluthe Sambala, national award winning actress Thara is returning after many years in the camp of Saiprakash.

‘Shakeela’ is coming after ‘90’ Kannada cinema in a song of ‘Samsaradalli Golmal’. 
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