Posted date: 13 Fri, Sep 2013 11:30:06 AM

Who says that Santosh complex with theatres like Narthaki and Sapna will be demolished in 2014? Ask Ilaya relative of distributor Baasha of ‘Bahar Films’. He says it is wrong information. Then why should I invest Rs.30 lakhs for Sapna theatre is asks.

However the nicely decked up Sapna theatre was surprise factor for the media that went to watch ‘Umesh’ Kannada film on Thursday morning.

The fresh paint smell greeted. The new ambience gave a tolerable look. Ilayas standing on one side supervising the facelift for the film said in the last 30 years this theatre was not renovated (can someone do like that for Menaka theatre please). We are in control of the theatre from last 14 years and my senior Baasha is supervising even Narthaki theatre he says.

The new AC system, fans, brand new 303 seats for Sapna mini theatre, change in the plastering of walls, floors, fresh toilets are no just. The Cube system has been deployed and sound system with 3D screen, 2K resolution are affixed.

Iliyas says 20 days the theatre Sapna coined as second run theatre for Kannada films was closed. Rs.30 lakhs was spent on sprucing up the theatres.

Has the ticket price been hiked? From the existing we have hiked. It is Seventy and Sixty – two categories with 303 seats says Iliyas.

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