Posted date: 12 Fri, Oct 2018 09:50:49 AM

The pretty good film with concern on fate of Kannada medium schools ‘Sarkari Hiriya Prathamika Shaale Kasaragod, Koduge Ramanna Rai’ has completed 50 days and the team of Rishab Shetty is brimming with happiness.

In the absence of versatile actor Ananthnag (he is in USA) the team of SHPSK expressed happiness on the success the film has got. The film is running in 60 plus theatres. It is heading for 100 days says Rishab Shetty. On this occasion he was in baffled mood for non Kannada films getting over 225 screens while Kannada film of his getting very minimum theatres to screen. Something should be done for getting right share of theatres to Kannada films he hoped.

The government school where he shot in Kasargod is now adopted by Rishab Shetty and team. The process of papers is going on. The topic of Malayalam teacher to Kannada school and imposing on learning Malayalam is still happening. Recently 20 Malayalam teachers have been appointed in Kasargod schools he stated.

There is no big or small cinema. The idea of art, commercial and offbeat is also not right way to think. The film that is made big by the audience disclosed Rishab Shetty on this occasion.

Ace cameraman Venkatesh Anguraj, music director Vasuki Vaibhav (it is not Shaale but University for him), K Kalyan – Olle Kanasu Hutti, Kathe Katti, Rishab Shetty Gatti cinema deserves kudos, background music provider Ajananish Lokanath (he wanted somehow this film should win), dialogue writer Raj B Shetty (happy for the collaboration work happening), Pramod Shetty executive producer, producer Ravi Rai and Jayaram shetty Akshata husband also spoke on this occasion.

After the term of producers and technicians addressing at Kalavidara Sangha, the artists related to the film addressed to express happiness of 50 days celebration of the film SHPSK.

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