Posted date: 08 Fri, Jun 2018 09:03:58 AM

A Kannada film with Sanskrit title ‘Sarvam’ went on the floors at Sankashta Hara Ganapathi Temple in Hampinagar, Vijayanagara on Wednesday morning.

Swami Ram Devaramane is director of this film. He has worked in the story and screenplay department of quite a few films. ‘Sarvam’ means ‘Paripoorna’ – the screenplay is made in such a way that it would be audience friendly. It is a suspense thriller. What we visualize is different from what we opt for it. One such incident happens in the film. in getting it lot of circus takes place. Time is villain in this film, Dharma Gelluththe, Karma Sayuththe…starting shoot from 11th of June in 25 days he hopes to complete the film shooting in Bengaluru and go for songs in exotic locations in Kerala.

Sujay Arya and Ravi Kumar are heroes in the film. Meghana alias Saakshi with five films to her credit and Priya Hegde a software engineer by profession are two leading ladies.

Ravi Kumar is a CEO falls in love with already married colleague in the office. To what extent he goes and what happens to husband played by Ravikumar (Mombaththi hero) is crux of the film.

Shyam Sindhanur is cameraman for sixth film in his career. Satish Babu and Vivek Chakravarthy are music composers for this film.

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