Posted date: 21/December/2010

Madan Patel in full zoom! He has announced a series of four films in which three are directed by Om Saiprakash, Dayal Padmanabhan and Guruprasad (Not Mata and EM Guruprasad) and one is by Madan Patel.

At the top of his career and at the top of his two floor house Madan Patel announced that he is directing a film titled ‘Satyananda…A true story of Nithyananda’. Before announcement of this film he asked the cameramen of television channels to be alert and raise the cameras that were kept low. That is Madan Patel! He knows how to spill out news!

When the announcement came from Madan Patel on the controversial Guru Nityananda….several questions that cropped up from the media baffled him and showed his ignorance on the topic. The BJP politician Madan Patel was told that his own party members at the top supports Nityananda the smiling Madan Patel announced that he would not stop at making a film on Nityananda at any cost.

Finally after several issues discussed the issue pending at the court was brought to his notice and how is it possible to conclude on the topic of Nityananda the curly haired bespectacled actor, producer and director Madan Patel disclosed that he wants to show whatever happened and seen by people will be showcased on silver screen.

Madan Patel is doing a film on the life of controversial Nityananda or not he is releasing ads on 31st of December. Among the four film ads he is releasing for Nitayananda role he is inviting ordinary person who look very similar to real Nityananda.

Whether Madan Patel succumb to the pressures, whether he will be allowed to start the film…how come the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce registered a title on the personality who is locked in the legal battle?


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