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It was a classic combination of trio who created magic in December 2006. Yogaraj Bhat, Mano Murthy and Jayanth Kaikini although not together in a film were present to release the audio of a well thought out film ‘Savarna Dheerga Sandhi’ at SRV Theatre in Malleswaram Bengaluru on Tuesday morning.

This is the film of actor and director Veerendra Shetty of ‘Chali Polilu’ fame in Kannada this time with lovely scorings from Mano Murthy who is also a part producer of the film. Journalist from Suvarana News Ajith H was also present at the audio launch and he has also appeared in this film.

Mano Murthy two of the songs screened at the audio launch were impeccable and sure to conquer millions of hearts. Such is the top melody quality. In his address says there is only one male song and rest of it is female oriented in the film. Making melodious songs today are going against the grave – there is no mass songs in this film observed the highly potential composer Mano Murthy.

For the production of Lushington and a few others, distributor Hemanth Kumar has also joined the team. Earlier he was part of the PVR group.

Yogaraj Bhat observed that the ‘Raja’ crown for melody should be given to Mano Murthy. He has the simple style that is so effective. It is like Sunil Gavaskar style of hitting four. If you hear his song in the morning then it is full day of immersion in to it. Many a times I have surpassed the isolation hearing to his songs. Turning his attention on writer, actor, director Veerendra Shetty the stalwart director Yogaraj Bhat mentioned that he advised him not to make a film. When you are hungry go and eat food but not open a hotel was his advice. The level of his Kannada knowledge is good. Bhat also referred to Shabdamani Darpana in his address.

Jayanth Kaikini was also in his freestyle address that is loaded with lovely words. The joke he explained was a laughing one. One day he was inquired where he gets such beautiful words. It is available in city market between 7.30 to 10 am was the reply of Jayanth Kaikini. That explains the dearth of people of reading habits. Like Nirabharana Sundari the compositions of Mano Murthy are Nirabharana Madhurya. There is no need to decorate. When you think of clothes for ‘Gommateshwara’ what happens will be the situation. I am happy that I am travelling so long with Bhat and Mano Murthy stated JK.

Ajith Hanumakkanavar TV journalist said to come out of stress we should hear to the works of the trio via songs.

Veerendra Shetty explained the genesis of his thought for this film and thanked the trio stalwarts for making it to the audio launch.

Debutant actress Krishnaa said it is a memorable moment of her life for having shared the platform with YB, JK and MM.

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