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Have you ever heard of childhood memories of century star Dr Shivarajakumar? It was available from the Karunada Chakravarthy on Thursday night with some frank and fearless observations.

More than such admissions from Shivanna when a middle aged woman asked for selfie – Dr Shiv on stage to match the height of the woman dived to allow her to take the picture. Perhaps no one in the cinema industry would go so simple like Dr Shiv for an admirer photo in a mobile. That looked the height of simplicity of actor. He appeared the real super power because he had practice session of KCC cricket for the day, came straight for ‘Gramayana’ teaser launch. He looked a bit tired but he did not lose his enthusiasm when asked for the photograph. That is one and only Dr Shivarajakumar!

Now look at the nostalgic moments and frank approach of the actor with over 120 films Dr Shivarajakumar. We give you in brief.

·         As the teaser of ‘Gramayana’ reminded his village days Dr Shiv went back to 70’s when he was 10 years of age.

·         It was summer holidays 25 were fitting in a big ambassador car to reach Gajanoor and them to Saligrama – the home ground of Dr Rajakumar and Dr Parvathamma Rajakumar.

·         On the way our driver Yellappa used to pack biryani and we used to stop at Nanjanagudu to eat it. When we reach Gajanaoor it was tough moment as we had to cross a small hard route.

·         After reaching our Aata Shuru! We had all kinds of fun. There was no caste feeling. We used to go to every house to eat and sleep.

·         One day I was near the ‘Hole’ where someone pushed me from behind. My age group boys screamed move and push the legs, hands. That’s how I learnt swimming.

·         We used to steal mangoes from our relative’s plants and reach a place to eat. I was beaten by my father once for it.

·         All 25 used to play all kinds of games. The world best game of that age for us was ‘Mara Kothi Aata’.  Even today I play this game when a tree with branches is found with same zeal.

·         Appanna, Sharadatthe, Nagaththe used to take care of us. Puneeth was not even born when I had so much of fun in summer holidays.

·         I saw a photograph recently taken in Gajanoor house. I felt I am aged looking at it.

·         I was not aware where I used to sleep. To this day worries does not matter for my sleep.

·         On three of us living separately there is no need to misunderstand. Of course misunderstanding crops up sometime. We would not give up at any cost. Mane bere irabahudu adare Manassu always together!

·         I feel very proud when I see Puneeth. I had seen his growth from the beginning. I am the first one to feel very happy for his reach of heights.

·         When I saw the poster of ‘Gramayana’ it looked like Soori painting to me.

·         Vinay Rajakumar should not feel depressed at all. He is from our family of actors – his great grandfather, grandfather, doddappa, chippakka are all actors.

·         His two films Siddarth and Run Antony were different. His recent one ‘Nusrat Vs Ananathu’ is unique in the title. This ‘Gramayana’ is sure to touch hearts.

·         Finally one should live in life according to how they want. Don’t give up your villages. Don’t give up ‘Nimmatana’.

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