Posted date: 02 Tue, Oct 2018 08:46:28 AM

Dr Shivarajakumar is known for extremely humble nature. He has showed it again. This is in the wake of release of ‘The Villain’ – releasing on 18th of October 2018 featuring Shivarajakumar and Kichcha Sudeep for the first time.

Fans don’t pick up clash when the film is screened. I appeal to both the fans. ‘Nam Thaayane Nan Theatre Barbeku andre’ all of you should see it as a film. Do not pick up clashes.

The aspect of ‘Naana Avana’ has already started in the social media. Watch it as a film of my and Sudeep characters.

Watch cinema as cinema. You would enjoy the mind blowing film. Don’t create fiction and maintain smooth relationship. This type of film comes in other languages. There are no clashes. The Karnataka culture and Kannada language is very rich. We need not worry for anything. A small film is also doing well. When the culture and language is rich we can do wonders mentioned Dr Shivarajakumar.

Turning his attention on producer Dr CR Manohar he said the first hero of the film is producer. Had there been any other producer, he would have left in the middle. I am not blaming director Prem. He is such a fine maker. The working style of Prem is very tough. Prem Punya Madirbeku! The shoot was held at Bangkok, London, Bengaluru. Assistants like Nagesh, Malavalli Saikrishna and others done wonders.

What Dr Shivarajakumar has said about the film ‘The Villain’ watch for another report.

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