Posted date: 02 Thu, May 2013 08:55:52 AM

Another history is on the anvil from Final Cut Productions. Cutting lot of weight in his life Sihikahi Chandru is contemplating on a new project for November 1, 2013.

Based on some of the top novels and stories written by bigwigs of Kannada literature he is making half an hour serial with one story each for the internet audience. This also emphasizes that the internet media is growing and glowing strong today.

Getting all procedures to one side and contacting the right persons Sihikahi Chandru a big name in small screen is currently producing two comedy television serials. He has stopped ‘Bombaat Bojana’ at 775th episode.

I am not that interested in coming to big screen. ‘I am a small fish in this big Pond’ he says. Sihikahi Chandru was all set to direct a film starring Dr Vishnuvardhana a few years ago and it was titled as ‘Naane Bere Nan Style Bere’. It was liked by Dr Vishnu but it could not take up.

The new idea he has developed is television serial format of episodes of literary works for only internet audience. This system would not allow anyone to download and it is ‘Paisa Vasool’ kind of system. Everyone who opts for watching the well made serials has to pay a minimum amount. The amount that is pooled from all over the world is the revenue for Final Cut Productions says Chandru. Chandru has decided to charge a minimum for internet viewers of his programs.

The ground work has started and this would be implemented in November of this year he says. The artists who work for such serials would go global!

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