Posted date: 28 Wed, Nov 2018 05:21:34 PM

Udaya Channel’s super hit show ‘ThutthaMuttha’ has a special treat in store for its viewers. Karnataka’s darling daughter Shwetha Prasad, who has set high standards through her reprisal on soap, will be appearing on the show. Unlike the usual format where the male guest is accompanied by his mother and wife, there will be a slight twist this week. Instead, Shwetha will be appearing on the show with her husband RJ Pradeepa and her mother.

Shwetha has stolen everyone’s the heart of men and women alike with her performance and equally attractive looks. And accompanying her on the show will be her husband, Pradeepa who also is a household name, thanks to his stint in the Radio industry. Pradeepa who rose to fame as an RJ was first a ‘friend’ of hers, before love brew between the two.

Unlike a seven-year-long itch, it was a seven-year-wait for Pradeepa who fell for her and waited for her approval. Explaining how it all started, Shwetha said, “We were just friends in college and would go on long walks. One rainy day, he chose to dedicate a song on radio and break the news to me. I shrugged it off assuming it was a joke and only when he decided to speak to my parents on his own, did I realise that he was serious.”

Although the two knew each other well, Pradeepa apparently has never been the one to show and tell. Shwetha explained how PDA makes him uncomfortable and that they hardly get affectionate in the public. Breaking the norm, he has set for himself, Shwetha went on to embrace her lovely husband leaving everyone on the show pleasantly surprised.

Shwetha who had expressed an unfulfilled wish of her to take part in the ‘ArishinadaShaastra’ during her marriage, was in for a surprise when the show organized the ritual. The mother-daughter duo was left gleaming in joy and teared up after feeling emotional about the entire process.

The couple spilled beans on how they’re as normal as anyone and revealed that Shwetha feared cockroaches while Pradeepa was a pampered kid who still apparently prefers to be served. Watch the beautiful couple tell more about their beautiful real life love story and how he deals with all the fans that except her reel life husband along all the time.

Watch Shwetha and family compete on ThutthaMuttha this Saturday @9pm on Udaya Television Channel.

ThutthaMuttha is a unique game show designed to entertain the audience while testing the bonding of the guest’s family. Apart from the quiz, host Niranjan Deshpande’s tete-a-tete with the guests is the main highlight of the show. At every instance of the quiz, the guest has to choose between his spouse and mother for the answers. But that’s not all; the show is designed to bring out unknown stories of the families involving the two women of the guest’s life.


Watch Mohan and family compete on ThutthaMuttha this Saturday @9pm on Udaya TV.

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