Posted date: 28/February/2010

The presentation of awards two veterans Sadashiva Brahmavar and Smt BP Rajamma to receive the 4th annual SP VAradaraju awards on Friday evening at Nayana auditorium was special and touching because of the presence of former bureaucrat Chiranjeevi Singh, Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy Chairman TS Nagabharana, Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce President Dr Jayamala, hat trick hero Shivarajakumar and Raghavendra Rajakumar on the dais.

The pleasant surprise was the presence of renowned actress Thara who honored personally the two veterans. The outcome from the annual awards of SP Varadaraju was notable.

Dr Baragaru Ramachandrappa coining the SP Varadaraju award is nothing but ‘Raj-Varadaraj’ award was immensely liked by everyone. The internal of Rajakumar was Varadaraju. Rajakumar in the external was the pillar of simplicity, humbleness, rare actor because of internal force that is Varadaraju. It is not Raja Prathibe but Praja Prathibe hailed Dr Baraguru Ramachandrappa.

The notable speaker of the evening was former bureaucrat of Karnataka government Chiranjeevi Singh who is part and parcel of Karnataka culture. Making beautiful observation of theatre and cinema connection Singh pointed to the need of 101 classics of Kannada cinema. Singh saw the first film Sri Krishnadevaraya that in Bellary the home town of the King. I have learnt Kannada seeing Kannada cinema he admitted. Remembering the quotation ‘Hits the light under the bush’ Singh referred to the name of SP Varadaraju. For brushing his memory he thanked Smt BP Rajamma whom he honored for the second time in his life. The first time was in Mandya when Chiranjeevi Singh was an IAS officer.

TS Nagabharana quoting the examples of ‘Akasmika’ (the need of Huttidare Kannada Nadalli huttabeku song) and giving opportunity for him to direct in ‘Praya Praya Praya’ the philosophy of screenplay was very good in SP Varadaraju. TS Nagabharana made the right suggestion to store the experiences of Varadaraju with many directors so that it will be useful for the generations to come.

Shivarajakumar arriving to this function bit late thanked for the conduct of such function and informed the event will be in grand scale from next year. Remembering his Chikkappa Varadappa whom he calls as ‘Appanna’ Shivarajakumar deeply thanked his services in his career.

Raghavendra Rajakumar giving the example of Puneeth Rajakumar hair dresser Rakesh father explained the simplicity of SP VAradarju. Rakesh father was hair dresser to Varadaraju for 30 years. Not even in one occasion Varadarju disclosed that he is the brother of Dr Rajakumar. Such a simple and human was Varadappa. We are missing his presence very much felt Raganna. In the 50 long years not going anywhere how Varadappanna was updating himself was wonder for Raganna.

Dr Jayamala who presided over the function recalled that it is because of Varadappanna she was able to get ‘Premada Kanike’ to act. I have acted in seven films with Dr Rajakumar – it was like Saptha Samudra and Sapthapadhi to me she mentioned. ‘Nanna Daari Devaru is Varadappaji’ she stated.

Reacting to the speech of Chiranjeevi Singh Dr Jayamala said television is killing the cinema industry. Cinema industry is at boiling stage. Theatre is far better than television she addressed in her speech.

Smt Rajamma recited the song of lord Hanuman and earned good applaud. Sadashiva Brahmavar thanked Dr Raj and Varadappa as he was recognized in films.

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