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Duration – 164 minutes, Category – love and lost, scoring – 3.5/5

Title – Sri Bharatha Baahubali, Producer – Shivaprakash, Direction – Manju Mandavya, Music – Khadri Manikanth, Cinematography – Parvez, Cast – Manju Mandavya, Sara Harish, Chikkanna, Shreya Shetty, Tej Raj, John Kokken, Srinivasamurthy, Achyuth Kumar, Bhavya, Harish Rai, Shruthi Prakash and others.

A mix up of two Kannada films ‘Missing Boy’ and ‘Rajakumara’ is traced strongly in this film ‘Sri Bharata Bahubali’ that is an average flick.

We had ‘Missing Boy’ a real life story film released in the last year, it is a ‘Missing Girl’ you could coin in this film and the ‘aasare’ part of the film from affluent is nothing other than ‘Rajakumara’ portion found in this film.

As a director Manju Mandavya has not take care of the length of the film. He has many places even now to chop and make it two hours 10 minutes instead of two hours 45 minutes. On the acting part Manju Mandavya in a full length role has to improve a lot. Chikkanna and Sara Harish portions are good ones.

The film created a lot of hype before release and the reference of Bahubali the 57 feet single stone Jain religion pride has nothing to worry. It is just used as a backdrop for the re-incarnation story part of the film.

We have Bharata and Bahubali the biggest pranksters in the village. They are sentenced for doing well in the village. The arrival of Sara Harish from foreign country to the surroundings of this village leads to various developments.

Sri (Sara Harish) is looking for her past. She is looking for the parents in this village. The dream she often gets is what makes her to leave her country. In a sickening development of her childhood, she was thrown to the open well by a thief. A foreign couple saves this kid and takes her to home town. After decades Sri returns to find her original parents. Bharata and Bahubali come to the support of Sara. The emotion that passes through is interesting portion.

Manju Mandavya dialogue delivery and emotions are cool. He needs some improvements in histrionics. Chikkanna is a treat, Sara Harish is good find and she suits the role precisely. Achyuth Kumar, Tej Raj in a flashback and Bhavya have done very well.

There are two lovely tunes from Khadri Manikanth. Cinematography of Pervez is not that extraordinary.

This is a free time watch.

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