Posted date: 7/March/2010

Another pivotal role for the right actor Srinivasamurthy! For the MS Ramaiah house the pride of Karnataka veteran actor Srinivasamurthy who is still refreshing in ‘Bhoja Raja’ role in Kavirathna Kalidasa role of Dr.Rajakumar and Jayaprada in the direction of Renuka Sharma and later ‘Anna Basavanna’ for ETV Kannada is now ‘Sri Raghavendra Swamy’ 500 plus episodes television serial.

Srinivasamurthy known for straight forward nature, perfection diction of Kannada, wonderful modulations is currently playing the grandfather role of Sri Raghavendra Swamy – Sri Kanakachala Bhatta. The wife of Kanakachala Bhatta is played by Pavitra Lokesh. Sri Thimmanna Bhatta is the father of Sri Raghavendra Swamy is played by a television artist. Up to 40 years of Sri Raghavendra Swamy is played by a Adarsha Film Institute student. Later part of Sri Raghavendra Swamy is played by Srinivasamurthy.

The Kanakachala Bhatta portions run to 15 episodes. The shooting has begun from March 1 in Bangalore. Srinivasamurthy has renounced eating non vegetarian six months ago. He will be on strict diet till all the episodes shooting of ‘Sri Raghavendra Swamy’ television serial comes to an end.

The shooting for this BA LA Suresh television serial is in progress at Gokula, farm house of MSR foundation and other locales.

Lord Sri Raghavendra Swamy role on Kannada screen played by Dr Rajakumar in ‘Mantralaya Mahatme’ is unforgettable every green cinema. Even an actor like Rajanikanth could not match to the role of Dr Rajakumar when he made in Tamil. Dr Srinath also played the role of ‘Sri Raghavendra Swamy’ in ‘Sri Raghavendra Vaibhava’.

It is Vara Banthamma Guruvara Banthamma for television folks.

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