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Well known director Annayya has come up with SF Combines ‘Surya Eva Vrukshamithra’ based on the ‘Life Beyond Science’ novel of learned personality Dr Yellappa Reddy. Annayya earlier film ‘Octopus’ was also thought provoking in contents. The attempt of this film is on zero pollution via new alternative. This film has bright chances of reaching the top leaders of the nation to give a new thinking on this discovery.

The discovery in this film of Annayya is the possibility of alternative to petrol and diesel via Amura seeds that is available in the environment. When his best friend Saleem thought of making a film for the society he was referred Dr Yellappa Reddy by his friend Prasad and the  novel ‘Life Beyond Science’ caught his attention. He contacted Nagesh Hegde columnist on environmental science. Soon the value additions lead him to contact P Seshadri who referred him to JM Prahallad well known writer to give dramatic flavor for the film.

That’s how the film shaped up for shooting in the regions of Shimoga, Haasan (bio lab) and Jigani held for 18 days. On the findings of alternative to diesel from Amura seeds he shot at the real Bio Lab of Dr Balakrishna. From the court scene and judgment in favor of protagonist Salman discovery the film spreads in narration.

Dr Yellappa Reddy recalled Annayya coming to him one and half years ago seeking the rights of short novel. I was happy on his insistence. We have given high fever to this mother earth. There is need for this kind of film to protect environment he strongly felt.

Nagesh Hegde columnist on environment and science in ‘Prajavani’ newspaper said the only solution for good environment is ‘Jaivika Indana’. To come out from ‘Dollar Mushti’ we have to think of alternative. We are giving 7.5 lakh crores for procuring oil. We grow the plants like Amura and forge ahead all over the country we can save our money and save our nature plus health of human beings he pointed. According to Nagesh Hegde the plants placed at the media meet are the heroes of the film.

JM Prahallad national award winner for his lyrics stated that he added the drama aspect required for the film but base for this is Dr Yellappa Reddy novel contents. When we can think of electric journey in places like Hampi for covering furlongs why not this method he wished.

Actor cum journalist Yathiraj is worried on ‘Manasika Malinya’ also growing in society. He plays a sort of villain in this ‘Surya Eva Vrukshamithra’ – he wants to take control of protagonist Saleem discovery to his side.

Salman in his first film as hero is satisfied for the good role and purposeful film. Radha is in the role of support to hero wishes in the film.

Raju of Jayalakshmi Movies knowing the contents of what his film for distribution is up to has promised to give extra attention to the film.

Shiva Sathya has done music, Arun P Thomas is editor, the film has screenplay from Nagesh Hegde, AR Saleem, P Annayya and JM Prahallad, Nagesh Hegde penned lyrics.

Dr Yellappa Reddy, Dr Balakrishna Gowda, Dr Nagesh Hegde, Dr Sripathi, Shivamogga are in guest roles. Salman head the star cast with Radha, Ramesh Bhat, Chandrakala Mohan, Girish, Yathiraj, Ramesh Pandit, Girija Lokesh, B Ramamurthy Baby Sri and others.

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