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Category – Thriller, Duration – 127 minutes, Score – 3/5

Title – Suvarna Sundari, Producer – ML Lakshmi, Direction – MSN Surya, Music – Sai Karthik, Cinematography – Y Ishwar, Cast – Dr Jayaprada, Poorna, Saakshi, Tilak, Avinash, Jai Jagadish, Shaan, Kota Srinivasa Rao and others.

In his debut direction MSN Surya has shown high skill in technical aspects and in narration he has the hold of giving a gripping tale especially when the film centers on a development in the ‘Lift’ – the film gets a major lift at this point of time and nail biting situation evolved.

It is an imaginary story line of an idol of ‘Trinetri’ Goddess. The craftsman in five centuries ago instead of making a smiling idol has made it different. So instead of Adrushta, there is Anishta all over this idol.

The most powerful idol relates to centuries and it travels to create havoc. In the bag of Poorna inside the lift where her husband, Sakshi and her boy friend, an astrologer, maintenance employee and a software engineer are tucked in the 8th floor. The heads roll one after the other in this defective lift.

The specialist in archaeology (Dr Jayaprada) arrives to control the further ill effects. She has the blessings and guidance from a father in Church, the police headed by Sai Kumar barge in to save the inmates of the lift but it goes in vain.

The thrill lovers would certainly enjoy this kind of film. How the ill power of the idol ‘Trinetri’ is dismantled is climax of the film.

There is quite decent role for Dr Jayaprada, Poorna, Saakshi, Jai Jagadish, Avinash, Saikumar and others. Sai Karthik two songs are with good sound. Cinematography is another splendid work from this film.

This is worth watching .

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