Posted date: 11 Thu, Oct 2018 09:22:24 AM

You require good style and appropriate things to fall for an attractive event. On Tuesday morning at SRV Theatre the audio release of ‘Swartha Rathna’ was unique in presentation of songs.

It was first 86 years veteran director SK Bhagwn with old camera equipment on stage with director Avinash Kondagi, hero Adarsh G, heroines Sonia Singh, Ishita Varsha, music composer BJ Bharath on stage. The retro song in ‘Nee Bandu Nintaaga…style with similar voice of PB Srinivos – Mohan Krishna singing – it was a good show on screen. There were some objectionable words but they have proper meaning explained director AK.

SK Bhagwan mentor of this director and hero at Adarsha Film institute said he went on a nostalgic mood with the olden day’s camera equipment. He remembered cameras like Debris, Michel, roll flex etc and wished good luck to the team.

‘Swartha Rathna’ has a song dedicated to screen pair Yash and Radhika Pandit – this one Avala Kandange….was released by fans of Yash who have come from different places. Vajramuni, Diwakar, Murali, Basavaraj, Satish Ballari etc came up on the stage.

A song on alcohol Ayyo Ayyo… in cinema was released after opening an empty liquor bottle.  Jeeva Kareyole….was released with a letter box.

BJ Bharath remembered the colleagues like Gopi, Ashwin working in music for this film. Ishita Varsha, Sonia Singh excited with the film thanked the opportunity.

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