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Title – Taarakasura, Producer – Narasimhulu and Kishor, Direction – Chandrasekhar Bandiappa, Music – Dharma Vish, Cinematographer – Kumar Gowda, Cast – Vybhav, Danny Saphani, Manvitha Harish, Jai Jagadish, Kari Subbu, MK Matha and others.

After ‘Rathavara’ director Chandrasekhar Bandiappa has come up with another screen stealer in ‘Taarakasura’. Besides the building of two characters – Vybbhav and Danny Saphani he has brought in sand mafia, the community of ‘Budubudike’ that is at the end of existence.

The ‘Siddi’ of the protagonist in the Budabudike community is very strong and it should be used for the right purpose. In one of the cases the innocence of Karthik who has that power ‘Siddi’ is misused. He is sent out of the community, in another hullaballoo the strong don Kaalinga – Kari Kalinga born on not just Amavase but Kari Amavase is a death blow to the entire community of Karthik when they are performing the ritual to appease Mahavishnu Avatara.

With loads of strength in the second half director Bandiappa brings in a courageous Carbon who is none other than Karthik. Karthik is working in a garment factory after his community is evacuated. In the company of Sadhu Kokila, the honest Karthik as Carbon in new name falls in love with Muthamma (Manvitha Harish).

The archeological department discovery of ‘Rice Pulling’ is a point of great interest for Kaalinga. He romps again in the life of Karthik. What next you have to watch the startling developments on screen.

In his debut Vybhav has given a terrific performance. As a school guy, lover, and strong opponent of Kalinga later – Vybhav wins. Manvitha Harish has that cute presence as Muthamma.

Danny Saphani a foreign actor has given the extreme of cruelty in this film. Sadhu Kokila has some funny moments as a big relief.

The cinematography struggle is understandable in this kind of cinema. The music of Dharma Vish is appreciable. Shivanna song ‘Kannada Kaliyo Mundede…is right one for Rajyotsava month.

‘Taarakasura’ is a strong action flick the fans of action films would love to watch.

Rating:3.5 /5 ****


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