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Title – Bazaar, Producer – Thimme Gowda, Direction – Simple Suni, Music – Ravi Basrur, Cinematography – Santosh Rai Pathaje, Cast – Dhanaveer, Aditi Prabhudev, Sharat Lohitashva, Chetan Chandra, Aruna Balaraj, Chitkala Biradar, Dharmendra Urs, Manjunath Hegde and others.

A new six feet tall hero has taken birth. That is Dhanaveer for you from ‘Bazaar’ Kannada cinema in the production of his father Thimme Gowda and director Simple Suni has played a taut screenplay to hold the attention of action lovers. It is a ‘Big Bazaar’ of action, sentiment, melodrama, music and cinematography!

Simple Suni has not stayed back in sentiment portions and comedy. He has mixed it well with two lovely songs and some feast in the camera of Santosh Rai Pathaje.

An orphan is named Kalki by Don Sharat Lohitashva as the caterpillar once save him from death. As he grows Kalki avatar is superb. Apparently the love failure is what attracts him. He goes behind Pari (Adhiti) but he wants to enjoy the love failure as his friends recommend for it.

Once Kalki starts getting rejection from Pari, he is happy but not Pari. Pari is seriously in love with Kalki. In the midst we have the pigeon race taking sometime. The pigeon of Kalki named as ‘Pari’ wins the race by good tactics. It is earning more enemies for him. He loses his don God Father (Sharat Lohitashva) in the process. He wants to lose his lover to Chetan Chandra because he is deeply in love. Watch a few more sterling moments of ‘Bazaar’ and enjoy this commercial flick.

Dhanveer is handsome and macho. He has pleasant looks too, Adhiti Prabhudev as lady love has done well. She is picking good roles like her seniors in the industry. Sharat Lohitashva as don is brilliant again.

Dharmendra Urs and Aditi Prabhudev – father and daughter combination is quite impressive. An orphan Kalki giving shelter to neglected parents – Manjunath Hegde and Aruna Balaraj is also good thought.

The action portions in the film are well handled, the pigeon race is also for the first time in Kannada cinema. Two scores of Ravi Basrur are impressive – especially the love failure…song.

Santosh Rai Patheje is always known for beautiful frames, he continues his journey in this ‘Bazaar’.


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