Posted date: 15/July/2009

That is the ‘Thakkath’ strength of Vijay and MS Ramesh. MS Ramesh and team covered the losses of ‘Beladingalaagi Baa’ earned the investment made to this film and further it is confident of earning for the next project.

At the Patel Inn in RT Nagar the crazy star V Ravichandran, Rockline Venkatesh and team of ‘Thakkath’ took part in the 50 days celebration of the film. In the last seven months no such program has been held in Kannada. Sensing this Ramesh and team organized a tidy 50 days memento distribution event.

In the 58 of the 60 theatres release ‘Thakkath’ has completed 25 days and 12 theatres it has reached 50 days and in six theatres it is reaching 100 days said MS Ramesh the brilliant dialogue writer too of Kannada cinema.

In Mysore Ranjith theatre this film ran for 89 shows full is major news says producer Naidu who went to Pondicherry on the day of the release of the film out of tension. In all 6 persons and places the piracy of ‘Thakkath’ was found and arrests were made too said Ramesh and Naidu.

Film making is like every day boiling. Each film is fresh film for me. I always depend on the marks card given by the audience. It is like waiting for the marks card after writing exams in the schools said.

Shuba Punj is very happy with the success. She was sensing the success at the shooting time itself.

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