Posted date: 18 Tue, Jun 2013 11:22:42 PM
The national award winning actress Thara is lucky on the 4th occasion for unlucky situation of her life. This is something not expected by Thara.

What is all about? Thara Anooradha is the KCA Chairperson. It is a non-political government body. After new ministry was formed it was well known fact that previous government appointed heads of different bodies should resign.

Thara did the same thing with resignation letter (she belongs to BJP) dated 24th May 2013. She went straight to Congress I chief minister Siddaramaiah. It is not once three times she went with the same letter but CM was not worried on Thara resignation. ‘Enamma naanu Beda andanalla….keldorella Kodtha Illla….Neevu mele mele bandu Kodthiralla….was CM reaction!

Thara after serving 18 months in which she worked precisely for eight month as she was in the family way came back hoping something different is happening in her case. It is three years term of KCA chair person.

It did not happen like that. Thara got a fax message at her office in Badami House that her position has been terminated.

Shocked with this she went straight on last Saturday to CM office ‘Krishna’ and handed over the letter. It is only Thara among 30 plus heads got the fax message. The secretary answered to CM because he got file of Thara only to send the termination order.

Thara in her tenure says thought of old Kannada films in the internet on payment to people all over. She also made it a point that the collected money should be remitted to concerned producer. Belli Mandala started by first Chairman of KCA was increased in numbers.

Thara hopes that only film industry personality would take up the position of KCA.
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