Posted date: 27/February/2010

Something comes straight from the heart to take up humane work. The renowned actress the national award winner Thara Venu knowing well the position of two veterans Sadashiva Bramhavar and Smt BP Rajamma came straight to the Nayana Auditorium in JC Road – the evening of SP Varadaraju awards presentation for the two veterans in film and stage and made evening more memorable!

That is Thara Venu style! Without any publicity before she went up to the stage handed over a silk saree, bouquet and Rs.10000 to Smt BP Rajamma and Rs.10000, silk Panche and Shawl and boquet to Sadashiva Brahmavar the veteran actor. On demand Thara posed for the photographs. She did not take the mike and went straight to her chair to witness the remaining proceedings of the awards evening.

At the honor moment made by Thara Venu the former bureaucrat Chiranjeevi Singh, Dr Baraguru Ramachandrappa, TS Nagabharaba, Dr Jayamala were on the stage.

At the SP VAradaraju awards for two veterans a trophy, shawl, garland and Rs.5000 cheque was presented in a memorable evening.

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