Posted date: 29 Fri, Jun 2018 05:21:59 PM

It was a huge turn out with affection and admiration for The Villain teaser launch. Two teasers of Abhinaya Chakravarthy Sudeep and Karunad Chakravarthy Dr Shivarajakumar were unveiled for the first time at GT World Mall on Thursday night.

Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy released Kichcha Sudeep teaser of 1 minute and 47 seconds. ‘Ane Banthondaane….Bijapurada Aaane….Kichcha Sudeep chasing an ‘Ant’ in the fingers on a sand and finally telling Ravanan Kathe Helak Banthaane…. got huge applaud. ‘Ega’ attachment to Sudeep was striking.

Before that teaser launch Kichcha Sudeep came live from Serbia to welcome Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy and felt very happy for his work with Dr Shivarajakumar. I wanted to be at the spot Sudeep felt very much.

Karnataka Minister Sa Ra Mahesh released the teaser of the same duration of Karunada Chakravarthy Dr Shivarajakumar. As the sound of long is heard the character Dr Shivarajakumar Naa Sumne Idre Drama, illa andre Violent……Like Raavan screaming with 10 heads was received well. Shivanna character had the strong background of Jogi fire in it.

We are nothing to other languages is quite often proved. A multi star cast film is not that easy. It would be a milestone. The point of watching teaser by paying money is a great thought. All the screens at a time teaser launch of ‘The Villain’ is a welcome step stated HD Kumaraswamy. He received honor from producer Dr CR Manohar on this occasion.

Dr Shivarajakumar speaking on this occasion stated that the help to colleagues is a good thought. We have collected money is not because we cannot do it. We wanted the people wealthy to take part in this help to technicians he pointed.

As declared earlier director Prem announced the names of four directors after getting it from Directors Association. AT Raghu name was announced but he was not present. It is Rs.2 lakh for senior directors. One lakh to Anand P Raju and Rs.50000 each to Hiremath and Boodal Krishnamurthy – in fact this is the collected amount from teaser launch. Director Prem wants to make new announcement for the technicians of the Kannada cinema industry.

The Timex Watch Company associated with a Kannada film for the first time. It had earlier in brand for a Hindi film. Two varieties of Dairy Ice Cream were also launched on this occasion by Nerolac Company.

Director Prem speaking on this occasion urged for the Karnataka Chief Minister HDK to support the Kannada cinema industry with a proper roof of its own.

Producer Dr CR Manohar appreciated the support of all those who have paid money to watch the teasers of the film ‘The Villain’. For this money we have also added some money to support the ailing technicians he mentioned.

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