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It was a sad beginning for Kannada cinema industry in 2006 as 5th of January we lost one of the epoch making personalities VAJRAMUNI.

Today 10th May is Mother’s Day and for Kannada cinema audience the birthday of VAJRAMUNI. Let us take a look at this Kanakanapalya Vajrappa son – Vajramuni, his family was fond of Vajramuneshwara. The original name of Vajramuni was ‘Sadanand Sagar’.

A great human being Vajramuni was terror on screen and he is known for his dialogues and ‘Rape’ to on Kannada screen.

Let us take a look at the dialogues of this actor first -

We give a few dialogues of Vajramuni from Mallammana Pavada to his last film ‘Daayadhi’.

PRACHANDA RAVANA – Adhaavudhu Antharyadha Adwithiya Shakthi Nannannu Kaduththide…..

SIPAYI RAAMU – En Ramanna Nin Thangi Madhuvege Hana Bekitta….., to Raj. Nin Hana Alla Prana Bekittu was Dr.Rajkumar dialogue.

KOLLURU SRI MOOKAMBIKA – Gedde Gedde Yamanannu Gedde……,

CBI VIJAY – Nanna Yaava Shakthi Muttohagilla…., Hididhido Shakthi, Koodido Gode, Yee Jagattinalli Yaava Shakthi Illa, Avanige Avane Saati….

As Mookasura Vajramuni in Kolluru Sri Mookambika film said he had won over Yamadharmaraja. In real life he fought with him for eight years because of his kidney failure.


VAJRAMUNI breathed his last at 5.30 am on Thursday 5th January 2006 at Sagar Appollo Hospital in Bangalore. 62 years old Vajramuni was suffering from kidney failure and he was taking treatment since a few years. He leaves his wife and three sons. All his sons are educated and they are established in business.

He was the winner of Lifetime achievement award announced by the Karnataka government for last year. This award is yet to be given.

The actor par excellence ever since he did ‘Prachanda Ravana’ later transformed as one of the best villains of Kannada cinema. He was the bully and brutal landlord in many films, he had the ability to create fear psychosis in women audience and they often cursed him. But at the end of shooting he was a very humble and affectionate personality.

With hundreds of films to his kitty in over three decades of career Vajramuni is no doubt a household name. A drop out from college Vajramuni got diploma in Cinematography.

In fact what was Dilipkumar and Pran combination to Hindi film is Dr.Rajkumar and Vajramuni combination. Gejje Pooje, Nagara Haavu, Upasane, Mayoora, Bahaddur Gandu, Babruvahana, Shanker Guru, Premada Kanike, Bangaradha Manushya, Girikanye, Akasmika, Bhakta Kumbara, Barjari Bete, Sipayi Ramu, Bettale Seve are some of the noted films of Vajramuni.


The celebrity director Puttanna Kanagal in 1967 offered a role for Vajramuni in ‘Savira Mettilu’ but that film never saw the light of the day. Interesting is that this film was completed after 38 years by KSL Swamee (Ravee) with Basave Gowda support – that is the last film of Vajramuni to release – his first film was last film of his journey in cinema.

Unhappy Puttannaji offered another role for Vajramuni in ‘Mallammana Pavada’ in late sixties that was a hit. After that he did not looked back. He has acted in over 300 films as villain.

He produced four films Thayiginta Devarilla, Ganda Berunda, Brahmastra and Ranabheri and lost money. For Bettele Seve he got the best supporting actor state award.

Politics was not new to Vajramuni. His father was Bangalore City Corporation member and his uncle Dayanand Sagar was a well known politician and educationist. He has been the strong follower of Congress since the age of 12. In at least 15 elections he campaigned for 15 elections. He tested his luck in politics in 1994. He contested from Basavanagudi Assembly seat that was represented by Ramakrishna Hegde the former chief minister and lost the battle.

Vajramuni known for his sterling performance with fantastic voice was basically a shy person. Coming to acting was not entertained in his house. When group of friends decided to collect funds for a social cause he put the make up for his face in his younger days. That became a habit and he was afraid what his father would say. At the 50th show of his play he somehow arranged to get his father as chief guest for the play. The admiration he received from his father decades ago was my memorable day he had disclosed in one of his interviews.

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