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The two giants not coming on one platform were part of the event at Chancellery Pavilion on Tuesday night.

The English dubbing of Kichcha Sudeep for ‘Udgarsha’ multilingual film was declared open by Box office Boss Darshan with thunderous applause. In the presence of Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam film journalists presence the epoch making director Sunil Kumar Desai ‘Udgarsha’ trailer was startling in its contents.

‘The Minute of new year a murder takes place….goes on the dialogue of Kichcha Sudeep in the background and the thrills, chills and kills….and who done it = where, why, when, whom and how delivered by kichcha Sudeep was a treat to hear.

‘Udgarsha’ starring Anup Singh Thakur, Sai Dansika, Tanya Hope, Kabir Duhan Singh, Harshika Poonacha and others is made in Kannada and dubbing in other languages like KGF the blockbuster.

Producers Devaraj and Manjunath, actress Prema, Suman Nagarkar, noted director SV Rajendra Singh Babu, Kari Subbu, Lahari Velu, Suresh Heblikar and others joined challenging star Darshan on stage. The trailer was launched by Box office Boss Darshan.

Thakur Anup Singh a good friend of challenging star Darshan presented the wrist watch gift to Darshan for which he is the international brand ambassador. It is the first wrist watch Anup Thakur received for him but he presented it to Darshan showed his love for D Boss.

‘Udgarsha’ is the same title for Telugu and Malayalam languages while for Tamil film industry it is ‘Uchchakattam’ disclosed Sunil Kumar Desai.

Challenging star Darshan appreciated the commitment of Thakur Anup Singh. He has learnt Kannada and dubbed deserves appreciation he said. Darshan remembered watching the preview of ‘Nammura Mandhara Hoove’ in Mysuru Gayathri theatre. He was working for ‘Janumada Jodi’ as technician at that time.

It is for this multilingual ‘Udgarsha’ yesteryears top music composer Salil Chaudhary son Sujay Chaudhary has done the background score for the film.

Editing for this film of four languages was like working for 40 films mentioned editor Kemparaj.

Producer Devaraj came like an angel to finish this film informed macho man Thakur Anup Singh. Tanya Hope disclosed that Desai is iconic and visionary. This is the best of my south film career of 27 films said Kabir Duhan Singh. Harshika Poonacha the local pretty heroine thanked for the opportunity and she was asked not to reveal her role in the film.

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