Posted date: 12 Thu, Nov 2020 06:26:16 PM

The new lady mega super star on Kannada screen from ‘Khaimaraa’ (a birthday gift of new crown) Priyanka Upendra in a quick chat with a few media persons on Wednesday morning at GT World Mall disclosed that the birthday gift she is expecting from her husband Upendra is the announcement of his direction. Apparently that also happens to be the 50th film of superstar Upendra stated by the lovely lady with a smile on her face.

Priyanka Upendra is of course eager to see her husband back to direction. Speaking on her career graph the lady mega super star Priyanka explained that it is going good and steady.

·         I am working in ‘Ugravathara’ which is a cop role and demanded some stunts, Ugravathara is forty percent over, and I am in ‘1980’ a very interesting topic film. The days of 80’s development are the base. I am in Khaimaraa – for the first time in three heroine film – perhaps not seen on the silver screen so far.

·         I have insisted on making ‘Khaimaraa’ in Kannada so that concentration is given completely. What happens when there is more than one language is that the work becomes tiresome and absolute concentration is not possible!

·         In the most difficult period of ‘Corona and Lockdown’ I have been able to grow up as an Independent. With no workers at home, I tried to do all the work of my home and found it possible to carry out without any help.

·         On the most disgusting side of Coronavirus is that a few well known people passing away disappointed me. I looked at the environment as a whole. Found so much of harm we are making at it. The most unexpected phase of life was ‘Corona Virus’. We have to be more careful not neglecting anything in life is another lesson taught.

·         Priyanka Upendra is not interested in Aishwarya, her daughter taking up films. She is now in 10th standard. Taking up exams in March. My son has scored a good percentage in the 2020 SSLC examinations.

·         On the OTT films making forays off late, Priyanka Upendra is very firm on the technical quality of the films we make at the international standards. Our products are watched worldwide very quickly.

·         On 11th of November – a day before Priyanka Upendra's birthday – a cake was cut at screen 2 of GT Mall in the presence of ‘Khaimaraa’.

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