Posted date: 02 Mon, Sep 2019 – 03:27:10 PM

The prestigious Universal Records Forum – equivalent to Guinness Records has issued certificate recognizing ‘One Shot, One Actor, One Location’ Kannada film ‘Bimba aa 90 Nimishagalu on Sunday morning at Renukamba Digital theatre.

Mr Sunil Joseph chief editor of URF Calcutta came down to Bengaluru to honor duo Srinivasa Prabhu and G Murthy of the film with certificate, shawl, badge, medal on behalf of his prestigious company.

Speaking on this occasion Joseph himself URF holder for various categories said the Guinness World Records has not recognized this film because three are unique. It always picks one at a time. We at URF committee decided when three efforts – one shot, one location and one actor is part of this film ‘Bimba aa 90 Nimishagalu’ should be recognized as it is unique. In Malayalam there is two hours plus one shot film is there. But there were several actor and locations. This Kannada film has three prominent unique things. This has made us to recognize for the certificate. From today – KV Srinivasa Prabhu and G Murthy are part of URF with this recognition Joseph pointed. Later Joseph was honored with Mysuru Peta, shawl and garland on this occasion.

The long time friend of Srinivasa Prabhu – DV Rajaram, former Nataka Academy Chairman honored the team with shawl on this occasion. Lahari Velu was chief guest at this event. In fact Lahari Velu was the first one to recognize that this film ‘Bimba…aa 90 Nimishagalu’ would make sound at the international level.

G Murthy director and joint producer of this film speaking on this occasion mentioned his growth in 140 films as art director and association with legendary film makers. It is only when he saw the play of Srinivas Prabhu he showed interest in making it as a film. In this film Srinivasa Prabhu has given a fine performance and perfect Kannada you would hear from him. Music director Pravind Godkindi used only Flute as background music. It is 8 feet flute that produces various sound required for this 108 minutes film pointed G Murthy.

Srinivasa Prabhu the key man of the film has prepared to give mono acting with various emotions very strongly for this one shot and one location film. He had to tell 58 pages of dialogues for this film. Recounting the life of famous playwright Samsa it is so unfortunate that his life ended with ‘Samshaya and Fear’.

One of the close relatives of Samsa playwright Srinivasan was present at the screening of the film was given felicitation with shawl and garland.

After the formal receipt of URF record certificate the film ‘Bimba…aa 90 Nimishagalu’ was screened for the guests.

In one word about the film Srinivasa Prabhu is classic in his work and unbeatable in his quality of acting and delivery of dialogues.

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