Posted date: 17 Mon, Jun 2019 07:53:43 AM

The topnotch singer in classical, devotional, film and other forms Vijayaprakash of Jai Ho fame is having the most joyous moment of his life. Vijayaprakash day is proclaimed on May 12th by office of the Mayor, Concord, North Carolina for high performance living.

In letter signed by William C Dusch, Mayor of City of Concord North Carolina, the biggest honor has made Vijayaprakash very proud in life. In the coming year on this day he is interested in taking up a useful work by teaching a few students. This is besides the dream of opening a magnificent school of music – the thought is at primitive stage.

The most popular singer hailing from Mysuru making it big in Mumbai, singing for ace composer like AR Rehman, Vijayaprakash has traveled beautifully in his life visiting various countries and giving music programs.

On the proclamation made Vijayaprakash remembers Yamuna Nagaraj and Uday. I could not believe on this proclamation but later understood the significance of it. No singer has received such honor I came to know. I respect this honor with great humbleness.

Tall and good looking Vijayaprakash is interested in acting career provided anyone comes up with the idea of a complete musical film that consist of his singing ala ‘Shankarabharanam or Malaya Marutha’ style.

Vijayaprakash showed his commitment to music to the core and recently he came from USA to take part in the final rites of his father Vidwan L Ramasesha – one of the Guru for him in music. My Appa did not like the film songs, he was happy when I was singing classical music songs remembers Vijayaprakash.

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