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At the SRV theatre ‘Vishnu Circle’ Kannada film starring Gururaj Jaggesh and three heroines – Samhita Vinya, Dr Jahnavi and Divya Gowda – audio CD was released by Navarasanayaka Jaggesh and Parimala jaggesh.

Before that one of the beautiful songs sung by Vijayaprakash Ayyayyo Nanna Noduthala….was screened. ‘Vishnu Circle’ is about Un tired Lover Dr Vishnu,  Un retired Lover Gururaj, most qualified lover Dattanna with Akruthi geometrics, Samskrithi and Prakruthi around in the film directed by director Lakshmi Dinesh for producer RB a staunch admirer of Dr Vishnuvardhana legendary actor.

‘Vishnu Circle’ is the 25th year of Gururaj Jaggesh in cinema. He came as child actor in 1993 of his father film.

Jaggesh went on flashback to remember Dr Vishnuvardhana. Turning his attention on his son Gururaj he said he is a good producer. After marriage he has given a son and that is most lovable company for me in life he said. He has the talent but time should come and the level of his intelligence is so good he mentioned.

Smt Parimala Jaggesh is also a terrific speaker. She has good control over language and contents she wants to pass on. She disclosed it is not right to compare 1000 steps with a person who is just one step in profession. My son Gururaj is a sort of protector for me. When he was 5 years he looked after me so well. He is on the lines of ‘Nyaya, Nithi and Dharma’ and this is what I love from him most she stated.

Gururaj Jaggesh in his address stated that this is a special film for him because no one with ego worked. In 50 days schedule I have learnt so many things. Among them as a lover before marriage and after marriage the great maturity struck to me in profession. I would say the climax of this film is not handled in Indian cinema. It is amazing said Gururaj.

Director of Half Mental Lakshmi Dinesh is director of this ‘Vishnu Circle’ –the protagonist is a loan recovery boy and he has his own friends and association that is called ‘Vishnu Circle’ – fanaticism is well underplayed by Gururaj he lauded.

Srivatsa has scored music for 2 songs, there was special mention for Pradeep Verma background scorer and he also consumed more time to explain his mode of work. He took nine months to do RR. How dialogues and RR jelled in the western style came up in his speech.

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