Posted date: 04 Wed, Sep 2019 11:35:09 AM

One of the two films ready to hit silver screen is ‘Vishnu Circle’ with novel approach in screenplay by director Lakshmi Dinesh starring Gururaj Jaggesh with three heroines – Samhita Viya, Jahnavi and Divya Gowda with a special role for veteran actor Datthanna.


Director of Half Mental Lakshmi Dinesh now on a feel of happiness for the release of the film is also showcasing some of the ideals. The film is about friends forming ‘Vishnu Circle’ and the fascination should be like what we regard with respect the parents in the house. The search of love from protagonist Vishnu played by Gururaj Jaggesh is in different ways.


However Gururaj Jaggesh was not present to promote his film because he was indisposed. Admitted to Columbia Asia Hospital for viral fever Gururaj Jaggesh father came on line to explain his son situation.


Dr Jahnavi in her fifth film in the career is career oriented in her role and how she considers love is interesting factor. Samhita Vinya is in fact search of a job and also connect to love with the protagonist.

Height Manju dance director, background scorer Pradeep Varma, producer RB a great fan of Dr Vishnuvardhana a realtor, music composer for two songs Srivatsa, Siddi Kodipura lyricist and Venkat Gowda distributor of the film were present at the media briefing on the eve of the film release.

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