Posted date: 07 Thu, Jun 2018 10:47:00 AM

A film by Aditya Kunigal (director of Days of Borapura) ‘Vriksham’ song was screened in the presence of bigwigs like Dr Yellappa Reddy, Dr HS Venkatesh Murthy, Salumarada Thimma of 107 years, national award winning director Nikhil Manjoo, Dinesh Mangaluru and Nagaraj father of director.

The song Hasirolage Usiradagide Kaadolage Kanasadagide….well sung by Ananya Bhat was equally well shot with a girl child and environment.

Dr HSV recalled that 75 percent of Sri Ramayana and the Mahabharatha happens in forest. He picked an incident of Kumara Sambhava for the occasion and said it is ‘Amrutha Vahini’ referring to the forest.

Dr Yellappa Reddy environmentalist and author of many books said just think of no ‘Plants’ for a minute what will happen. We are punishing the plants and it should stop. Vriksha Panchavalka explanation was timely to bring awareness to protect the trees and compared it to mother and child.

Dinesh Mangaluru expressed his love for environment at his place in home town how it is friendly to environment.

Salumarada Thimmakka explaining four kilometers of trees she has planted with her husband said one should protect our environment. I have become model they say and people should follow it. Salumarada Thimmakka urged the people in society not to give trouble to ‘Henmakkalu’.

Aditya Kunigal father Nagaraj explained his love and admiration for nature and how he disregarded his son commercial films.

Aditya Kunigal introduced 20 years young Siddanth Mankiya who has written the story. It is fourth standard student setting example to stop tree axing.

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