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Versatile actor Ananthnag is like a magnet. When he has accepted the script, there is some specialty and at the same time the team will be extra alert for his prowess that is hallmark of his career.

The team members of the film ‘Week End’ are in zoom because Ananthnag is around. For Ananthnag accepting this ‘Week End’ film is because of Suresh Raj, director of the film. Suresh I know him from my brother Shanker time. He worked for various directors and they felt happy for his presence as good work was in progress. Now that Suresh Raj is directing I felt it duty to accept his offer mentioned Ananthnag. The second reason is the subject that is so relevant to the present generation.

I have seen the techies enjoying life on ‘Week End’ – they will be waiting for Friday to get over. They spend heavily on these two days and money is not an issue. In the process they get in to a few uncalled for activities. The boys and girls are same in this enjoyment. When I went to Sarkari Hiriya Shale… promotion in USA, I have seen youths of 25 to 30 doing fine in their job. They were also very systematic I found. I added such elements to Suresh Raj concept stated Aanthnag who is a ‘Cultured Thaata’.

Director Suresh Raj prepared the script of this film in 2016 after knowing a lot of incidents. He kept Ananthnag in mind. Ananthag plays grandfather to a twenties youth Milind in this film. it is the culture in which you groom that gets good footage in life he attributes.

Suresh Raj in fact trained Milind after his engineering that is because he had to face a giant actor Ananthnag. He should not disturb his time was kept in mind.

Gopinath Bhat, Nagabhushan, Raksha, Bali and others are in the cast. When the media visited the sets it was a police station set at Sri Kanteerava Studio.

A banker by profession Gopinath Bhat into plays and Tulu films is single appa to heroine like how Ananthnag is ‘Single Thaata’.

Producer Manjunath of Shimoga was in Sunil Kumar Desai films as actor later took up Udgarsha. After sixty percent of shoot, he came out. He found the system of shoot in Suresh Raj for ‘Week End’. Manjunath also insisted on Ananthnag in the film. He has plans to release in next year beginning.

Nagabhushan a comedy actor of prominence today is one of the youths with Milind who does not know future.

Shashidhar cameraman of this film is using Red Helium that is very rarely pressed in to action.

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