Why did KCC Flop? Part 2
Posted date: 12 Wed, Sep 2018 07:18:16 PM
As we saw in the earlier report the Kannada Chalanachitra Cup was neatly organised but the media was royally ignored leading to very little publicity. One more example in this regard was how media houses were treated. One of Karnataka's most reputed and oldest newspapers Prajavani had no report on the event. Here is what happened. 

On the day of the event the newspaper's photograph was present. Because of his experience in covering sport events he had managed to gain entry to the area where photography was allowed. But the biggest shock to him was that none of the reporters from his newspaper was even informed or invited for the KCC. So the event went unreported in the daily. This was the situation in almost every newspaper. Most newspapers were not even invited. 

Even before the tournament started there was very little coverage in traditional newspapers and their online outlets. So the poor turnout at the ground was no surprise. There was too much dependence on Twitter to spread news about KCC 2. 

Some journalists played in the tournament. But they were not film journalists. Who decided that getting 2-3 political journalists to play in the matches would get publicity for KCC? It was very strange of the organisers to ignore Kannada film journalists and give a red carpet to unconnected media persons who are from a club. This was another strategy gone wrong. It was like getting members of the Century Club or Bangalore Club to play in the tournament and expect media coverage for it. 

There was a tieup with a newspaper as official media partner. It was like an exclusive tieup with a single theatre ignoring all other theatres. Even the Press meets before the event lacked coverage. 

Among the six stars who led the six teams only Sudeep was actively promoting it on Twitter. But if any media person wanted to write about the event or get information about it they had no one to access. Information was coming on Twitter from various sources and there was no way of even confirming them. Tickets began to be sold a few days before the event and there was no proper marketing of it as well. Even if a few thousand fans of each star was reached out to, it would have been easy to fill the Chinnaswamy Stadium. But that did not happen. 

It was as if only Sudeep was organising everything. The team effort was nowhere to be seen. Who was handling the media? Who was handling marketing? Who was promoting the individual teams? Nobody knows. Only thing that can be understood is that the channel telecasting the games paid royalty that paid for the expense of organising the event and for bringing six former international cricketers. 

Did the tournament succeed? It may have made money but it did not reach even the number of people who watch Kannada films on a Friday. A few thousand people in the stadium stands made it look very bad. Did the KCC manage to bring the film fraternity together? There were all big stars except Darshan. This did not go well with his fans.

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